Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nov 20th - The week is gone already?

Every week I am blown away with how fast they go by. This week for some reason felt a lot hotter than the rest, I hope it doesn't get hotter and hotter or else I will be in trouble haha.
But this week was another great week and the work went a lot better this week, as the litchis are slowing down. this past Sunday was amazing as we had 23 investigators come to church which is awesome. But it was the primary program so we had to explain to them that not every week is based around the singing of children.

Also this week one of my favorite investigators Julianot ran into some trouble. We went and visited him at the time we usually do every week and him mom was there this time, which was awesome we thought we could teach both of them. We started to teach them and the mom was asking all these good questions, but then we started talking about his baptism and she said no she doesn't want him to get baptized because she feels he has already been baptized once and we were able to teach our message about how we believe that the priesthood was lost and with it the authority to baptize was lost as well, and that it has been restored. We talked some more and she said that she wants her son to understand the doctrine completely before he is baptized and we agreed completely. We finished up our lesson and she seemed ok with us continuing to teach him. On Sunday we talked to Julianot about it and he said he still wants to get baptized and he still knows that it is right and that his mom is ok with it. I am just nervous that it might put a bump in there relationship, I am praying that his mother will truly be more open to the church. Please pray for Julianot and his mom that she will soften her heart and be truly ok with him choosing to be baptized.

We also found out one of the churches here teaches about Joseph Smith, but they say that he was fluent in every language and tries to deceive people into reading this translated book that is false. The people that we ran into thought it was the Bible. So they took my bible and compared it to their bible, and found it to be exactly the same. We taught them our message and they were way shocked that it was about Jesus Christ. It was funny to hear them say, "Wow you really do teach the gospel."

That was just a glimpse into another great week in Madagascar. Please pray for the people in Madagascar, I know that you are already praying for so much, but please just keep Madagascar in your prayers the people here need it.

love Elder Wolfgramm

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