Monday, September 25, 2017

Sep 25- Week of Miracles

Well this week was definitely a week of miracles. To start off we had a great lesson with Gerald. It started off with Gerald talking about his Book of Mormon reading, we gave him chapter 1 in 1 Nephi and he had read all the way to 7th chapter in 1 Nephi. He said, " First off I was going to ask you guys questions but as I kept reading in the Book of Mormon I found the answers too all my questions." It was amazing to see he has been able to find the answers to all his questions.... then after talking to him about the Plan of Salvation and explaining the Book of Mormon better to him. He told us again that his pastor has been visiting him telling him that we are evil white people from the devil. Gerald told him we are just good kids telling people what they believe.... we then asked him what he had felt as he studied out the Book of Mormon........ he said "I felt good....... happy........ and at peace." I then asked him "Have you sincerely prayed about the truthfulness of the book and our message?" he said yes, then said " I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that your message is true." The spirit filled the room as we sat there with Gerald we all felt peace and happiness that you can not deny. He then said the only problem is my wife I don't want to ruin my relationship with her, we have been married for 46 years, and she has got a ton of callings our church, she is in charge of the scouts, the young girls, she preaches on Sunday, she has gone to pastor school, she teaches the bible class, it is my big problem. We are going to go again to teach him on Tuesday please keep him in your prayers. 

Also on Sunday we learned a very famous Malagasy singer named "Stephanie" lives in our area, so we had time to tract and we set out to find her. And at the end of the night I am happy to say that we found her, talked to her for a little bit and told her we will come back another time. another little miracle.

Life is great here in Madagascar, I love it here, it is way fun to do the work of the Lord.

Keep up the good work, we are all enduring to the end.

Elder Wolfgramm

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sep 18 - The Plague

Well this week was way crazy I got Elder Hunter on an early transfer, I will have him just for the end of the week. What happened was my old area Morarano Tamatave, had a plague outbreak, literally the BLACK PLAGUE or BUBONIC PLAGUE is still alive here in Madagascar. and the hot spot was Tamatave my old area, so the Elders got taken out for a little bit. They will be put back in Tamatave probably in the next few weeks.

Well besides the plague killing some people this week we had a great time saving people. We had a great lesson with Gerald, to remind you guys Gerald is an older gentlemen that was tracked into strictly by the power of the spirit. We taught him from the Book of Mormon last Saturday. He said he will read and pray about the truthfulness of the book, he told us the problem is his wife, his wife told his pastor that he was learning from us.  So his pastor called him. Then his wife told his family, and his brother and sisters called him, and chewed him out for learning from the "servants of the devil". He told them he was just looking for the truth, and there is nothing wrong with the men that come to my house and teach me about the gospel, I get closer to God through them, and they are very nice. we are going to keep teaching him as long as he lets us in. Please pray for him to except the lords true and everlasting gospel.

I love it here don't worry about the plague I am too strong, I can't get caught by it...............

Please just talk to our Father in heaven for all of your problems.

Elder Wolfgramm

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sept 11 - Splits for Days

Well this week my companion left for the Africa's MTC so I have been left to work with the missionaries in the area called 67 ha. And believe it or not but me and Elder Snow (played football and a great friend with Walker at PGHS) are companions right now. It will only be until this Thursday though.  On Thursday I will get a new companion again.

This week I went on splits literally all week, I was with new people almost everyday trying to get my area in good shape and my investigators still progressing. We still were able to get most of our investigators to church and we had a baptism on Saturday as well. All of investigators are still progressing really well. I am looking forward to having a companion again and working full time in my area but until then it is fun with Elder Snow. Joseph and their family are coming along extremely well we taught them about baptism again on Saturday and they are so stoked for their baptism. I am way excited for them! Thats all the news I got from this past week.

Have a great week stay mazoto aza kamo. (translates to be sluggard)???
Be safe too

Elder Wolfgramm

Monday, September 4, 2017

Sept 4- Manja be (Pretty much)

What a wonderful week this past week. it started off on Monday we had a little bit of time to tract and find some new people, we started to tract and did not find many people, we then said a prayer to find more people and then we found 14 people that day. It was wonderful, and then we had one of them show up to church on Sunday. We also had a great lesson with a family this past week where we were able to find out what we could to to help them with their problems. We got all the problems figured out through teaching them of an eternal perspective, with the Plan of Salvation. Then they showed up to church on Sunday. It was way cool.

I am so sorry but that is really all the time I have today. I love it here!  I am still healthy and strong. Please pray.

Elder Wolfgramm