Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Nov 21- il y a beau coup de miracles pour nous aujourd'hui (there are many miracles for us today)

There are many things I can talk about this week, we saw many great things this week. I will start with Joele. She came to church on Sunday and had a great time.  There was a inter-regional conference with South Africa, we watched a video with a few of the 70 and Elder Anderson of the 12. It was wonderful we received great counsel about missionary work.  Also Joele loved it. We made a time to come and teach her yesterday, and we showed up and she had made us these french cake things that were absolutely great, she said that she was in a great mood, and I said yeah I can see that whats up? She said let me tell you. I have had this question about my life and the life of my mother for 41 years, and 41 years I have searched for the answer to my question and I have never found it and no one has ever been able to answer it. But last night when I was reading your pamphlet I found the answer to my question here in the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. All my searching for these past 41 years are over..... then she told us about how she has been listening to conference talks. I said "what?" and she said "yeah here I downloaded your churches app called Gospel Library and I started listening to the talks.... I was so shocked. I asked here if she could show me and she did. I asked her if she had any questions about the talks she read or the Plan of Salvation, she then said no and gave me a detailed lesson of the Plan of Salvation including why it is important for her.... I really didn't know what to say. So I told her that was great and that next time we where going to talk more about the Plan of Salvation but today I would like to watch the film about Joseph Smith and the restoration. We watched it and it was wonderful, after the film I bore my testimony about the truthfulness of it because I know without a doubt that that was something that actually happened. After I finished she said "Can I bear my testimony to you?"  I said of course you can. She then said that she is feeling joy in her life that she has never felt she also has received answers to all of her questions and that she has never had these questions answered. She also said that she knows that the Church of Jesus Christ is true, that when she reads the Book of Mormon it makes sense to her. And she fells very good about it, she also said that she feels the spirit when we teach her about what we do. She said that's what I know, so thank you guys for everything. We told her that we are going to be preparing for the 30 of December for her baptism so she needs to keep doing what she is doing.

I know that this church is true I know that we have a real relationship with God and there are no coincidences. I love this gospel with all my heart.

Be safe and do what is right.

Elder Wolfgramm

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nov 14 -Bonjour ca va, je suis tre contant ici

Well it has been an amazing week, I apologize for the past few weeks emails I know they were really small and not very good. But today I am going to take some time and give you guys details on what has been going on here in La Reunion. It has been a pretty hard adjustment to be honest, with culture shock; going back to a first world country and with the language, and the French people (they are not as nice as you would think). But I am really learning a lot and having a ton of fun as I do it. I am enjoying every moment I can. I am still not very good at the whole French language but getting better every day. I have found some cool investigators, although tracking is really hard to do here because the people are way busy. We have had some success though, we found this lady named Joele, who is about 45 years old not married and not very religious, she used to be catholic and I guess still is but has not been to church in a few years. It really is quite a miracle we found her in the first place. I can testify that the spirit is the real teacher because Mendoza and I  do not speak French hardly at all. So this is how we found her, we were tracking and we found this lady named
Joele and at the time we didn't know her name so we named her bird lady, she has lots of animals birds mostly. But we talked to her and in French we tried to set up another time to meet. But when we asked we said "can we set up another time to meet you" and she looked at us with this blank stare and she nodding yes and we were like Yes!! great!! but we weren't even sure what she said. Then we came back and taught her and we tried our best again. and asked her if she would come to church and guess what she did!!! it's was a miracle that we did that! and she wanted a Book of Mormon and wants to learn more. I'm really excited to see how she will progress. She said that she had a good time at church and it will be interesting to see how things are on Thursday when we teach her.

That is basically the life here, a lot of rejection but the Lords hand is still in his work.

Elder Wolfgramm

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nov 7 - Ca Bon

This week was pretty fun we did a lot more tracting.  Found some cool Malagasy families and had some great lessons teaching in the French to members. I am trying my best to learn French and teach the people here. I have been studying a lot about faith and trusting in God, and I can say life is so much easier when we just put our trust in God, I wish I would have trusted God a lot more before my mission life.  High school probably would have been funner and easier. 
The members here in La Reunion are great, they are way nice and are so willing to correct my French every time I open my mouth. It is great..... haha, really though I am enjoying my time here in Le Port.  I hope that I can find some really cool people.  Sorry my emails are really short I just don't have too much to say. I am happy healthy and having tons of fun. Please pray that Madagascar will be opened back up again soon. And the plague will go away so we can get back in there, blessing their lives.

Elder Wolfgramm

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oct 31 - Great Week

This week was good.  French is hard and the work is slow but I am still trying. I love it here and I couldn't be happier. I have started finding some new people and we will see if any of them come to church this week or not. Me and Elder Mendoza are getting along great I am loving being with him, we are getting work done.

Sorry way short, but no time this week next week it will be a lot better.

Elder Wolfgramm

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Oct 24 - je ne parle pas le fran├žais (I do not speak French)

Well I got evacuated and now I am on La Reunion so "bon jour" no more "salama tompoko". I have started learning French and I can say it is way easier then Malagasy, I should be fluent tomorrow. just joking it is actually a very hard language, but I know I will get good at it if I get the same help from the Lord I got with Malagasy. Well this is the story of how it went down..... it was on Tuesday of last week we got a call from President that said we are on lock down we are not allowed to leave the house for 2 days, so we sat at the house for two days and then on Wednesday I got another call from President who said tell everyone to start packing up because we are all leaving Madagascar. And that was all he said, he said he was going to call back in two hours with more details. I was totally broken when I heard that, I will be honest. Then 2 hours later we got a call saying that we need to be at the airport in 3 hours because we are flying out of Toliara, then we got another call and said sorry but no flights are leaving Toliara until the 25 of October due to problems. So we had to wait down in Toliara until Saturday when finally the driver made the 2 day drive all the way to Toliara. Finally the driver came,  we then hopped in the car and made the long drive to Tana, we arrived on Sunday afternoon, by the time we got to Tana the whole island (of missionaries) had been evacuated except us 6 and then it was me, Shoemaker,Knudsen and Smith left with President.  Late Sunday night we left for la Reunion.  But when I first arrived in Tana I went to Presidents office and he told us about how we got our calls, I got my call to la Reunion, I am so happy to be here in la Reunion I still don't know whats going on.  I have started to learn French and to be honest it is a lot easier than Malagasy. I know that I can learn this language especially with the help of the Holy Ghost. I have total faith and trust, but deep down I am destroyed because we couldn't say anything to anyone about the evacuation. So all the investigators I had and members and friends I just left behind with out goodbyes or photos.  That's what happened<

I am happy and healthy, more info is coming.

Elder Wolfgramm

Monday, October 16, 2017

Oct 16th - Short

This week will be the shortest of them all. We have lost connection here in Madagascar, we are still doing great and having tons of fun! We are finding tons of cool people and balling out. We are still healthy and no one has the plague; so we are still winning. Love it here and having fun.

Elder Wolfgramm

Monday, October 9, 2017

Oct 9 - I am in Toliara, akory kahey

Well this week some very interesting things happened, I got emergency transferred to Toliara.   Here is the story: it started on P-day ok, so this is what happened on Monday; we were driving to this place called the Croc farm to go see some crocodiles and to show our kids the cool parts of Madagascar on P day. We had bought 2 chickens which we were going to feed to the crocodiles, perfect P-day! I was really excited to do it. It was me, Elder Snow and his kid, Elder Hunter and his kid and my kid too, as we are on a bus heading there and I got a call from the AP's and they said to hurry home because we are getting pulled out of the area. I asked them why and then they told me that 20 people have died from the plague the past 2 days in my area, so I am not working there any more, then we got out of the bus and grabbed a taxi but we didn't have any money so we had to argue(barter) for a reasonable price with the chickens we had, and then got the guy to take Elder Snow to his house and then us to ours. We went home and packed up.  

While we were at home I talked to the landlord and she said that 5 people died in the hospital by our house that morning. I then called this member who works for the government here and she told me it was true.  The AP's picked us up and then took us the office. We waited there until like 8 o'clock and then they told us that we were all leaving Tana.  Some were going to Antsirabe and some to Fianarantsoa and the lucky ones to Toliara. And then we got fed dinner that night and slept at the AP's house and in the morning left for Toliara. We drove through Antsirabe and dropped missionaries off, and spent the night in Fianarantsoa, where we dropped off more missionaries, and then the next day drove and at like 7 pm finally arrived in Toliara, then had dinner and went to bed. I am actually way sad I left my area.  We were supposed to have 6 baptisms the next 3 weeks and now I have missed all those baptisms, hopefully I can see them some other time before I go home.

 Toliara is great! though it is really hot, is the only problem. Also the dialect down here is Antandroy and Veso which are the hardest dialects in Madagascar. So Elder Oberhansley is having a hard time. Hopefully, we will get through it and all will turn out great. We have already found some great investigators down here. I am way excited to see how the work goes down here. That's the update on Madagascar. It is going great though;

Elder Wolfgramm