Monday, February 5, 2018

Feb 5 - Akory zo raha

Great week here in Fort D! Love it here, it is way beautiful. And the work goes great here. I will talk about some of our cool investigators. We have this guy Dider he is about 23 years old and he is going to school. We have taught him about the Book of Mormon and he has accepted it. He quit praying about 2 years ago due to some concerns with the pastor of his church. He has been searching for the truth for a while and he is super cool, I am excited to see the things that come from him.  He asks great questions and is super funny.
Sorry not a ton of time today, we have a big day planned so I don't have time to write about all the wonderful experiences I have had here, but ask me when I get home and I will tell you.  haha. Really I love my mission It is the best mission in the world. I feel bad for anyone else who can't serve here it is the best.

Elder Wolfgramm

Monday, January 29, 2018

Jan 29 - Bolongany "huge"

Well this week was wonderful. Great to be back home. It is such a good feeling to be able to walk up to anyone and speak Malagasy. French has come in handy, I have ran into a few French dudes that before I would just ignore but now I can have a meaningful conversation with them and get invited over for dinner with them. To be honest though my Malagasy is really rusty. Its not that I am bad at it but I just make a ton of mistakes. I am mixing up verbs and when they should be used. This next week I am going on a Malagasy cleanse. Only going to speak Malagasy to clean up all the mistakes I am making. I can still understand everything and teach  good enough to convince everyone I am fluent, but I can still see all the mistakes I am making. I am so happy to be back here again. We were able to get a bunch of investigators back to church this week, so by the end of February we will start having baptisms. I have realized again that the Malagasy people are some of my favorite people on the planet.

We have some pretty cool investigators. We have this guy named Dolin, and he is awesome. He came to church this week and the whole time he just kept looking at his Book of Mormon and smiling, and then he would look at Hunter and I and give us a thumbs up. We taught him this past week too and he remembered everything about the Restoration and why we needed it. His only problem is he is living with his "wife" but they are not married so he can't get baptized and he doesn't have the money to do the wedding, So we just have to wait for them to get it done. But the time is shortly coming when that is done.

Thats all I am going to talk about this week but there is so much more I could. I love it here really I do it ts the coolest place on earth

Elder Wolfgramm

Monday, January 15, 2018

Jan 15 - One of the best weeks of the mission

Well where to start?
This week was another week of miracles. I am not getting surprised by all the miracles I am seeing anymore. It really is just part of life now. I will talk about the baptism of Erwan. On Saturday was the baptism of Ewarn. It was a beautiful day, I was able to see the light of Erwan change as he came out of the water spotless, and with a feeling of greater hope and love. He then received the Holy Ghost on Sunday and could not stop smiling. Really one of the happiest kids you will ever see. When days like that come on mission it makes everything worth it.

Right before the baptism I received some fantastic news. President gave me a call and said "Elder Wolfgramm, I got great news, you are going back to Madagascar. you will leaving on Wednesday for Fort Duaphin." I could not stop cheering and celebrating. It was one of the best news I could have heard. Don't get me wrong I love the island of Reunion and the people here but I love the people of Madagascar just as much. (and I can actually speak to the people of Madagascar)

That is pretty much the week and the highlights from this week.

Elder Wolfgramm

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Jan 9 - la vie d'un missionnaire

Well it was another great week to be a missionary. We found a ton of new people here this week. I am way sad because right when we are having success in the work and right when there are miracles every day I am getting transferred/ kicked off the island. I went down to the visa office and asked them if there was any way could stay and they said no you must leave. So I will be heading to the island of Mauritius. I am really excited to be going to Mauritius It will be a great experience. I am sad to leave another island that I have come to love as well though. We will be having another baptism here in St. Denis on this Saturday. It is Ewarn he was the first guy I met when I first came here to Reunion he is also the one I have been wrestling with on Monday mornings. He has decided to get baptized and get on the path that leads directly to happiness. We are also working with this guy named Zeeshan, he is about 22 years old who is studying at the university he has got a lot of questions about life in general and how the Gospel will bless him in his life. He also has questions about what the Church's views on world arguments right now. and why they are the way that they are, like women rights, gay marriage, wars, racism... etc. I think it is so interesting how different the questions are here than they are in Madagascar. In Madagascar no one would really care/or know about any of the problems of the world right now. It is really a different world completely here in France than in Madagascar. I am loving the opportunity to have all these experiences.I love it here.

Life is great, enjoy it, and find peace.

Elder Wolfgramm

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Jan 2 - The Volcano

What a fantastic week, it was full of baptisms, miracles and a volcano. First off we had a baptism. My investigator from Le Port got baptized. Joele one of the coolest women I have ever met in my life, got baptized. She has finished the Book of Mormon, and has seen her life change completely. She sees so much more happiness in her life. Her relationship with her father has improved, and she notices tender mercies from the lord every day. And she has greater peace in her life. She is so grateful for the gospel in her life. It has been one of the many miracles I have seen here in La Reunion, and one I will remember for ever. Also another miracle we had was on Sunday as we were walking to church we saw this guy and we invited him to church and he showed up. Literally as we were going to church we got him to come to church. and then had a great lesson with him.

Finally I had the opportunity to go to a volcano today, one of the few active volcanoes on earth way cool.

I love my life and this mission. I can promise that blessings come to our lives as we apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. but you will never know that unless you apply them.

Elder Wolfgramm

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dec 12 - Akory ty vazaha toy (like that white guy) Malagasy

Well this week was a good week for the books. I was able to spend really the whole week in my new area, it is a really cool area. I love it here in St. Denis, the ward is great and I am making some great relationships with the members. I was able to bear my testimony in church on Sunday, it was great. I was able to be really sincere, as well as make everyone laugh. We had some investigators at church. We had this kid named Aaron who is about 18 years old born in Paris France, I met him my first night here in Reunion, he is a cool kid who is taking the lessons really well so it was cool to see him again.  We got to talk a little bit of what is new how I am still not super good at French but getting better.  As we were talking more I learned that Aaron was the wrestling champion in France for his weight. He wrestled freestyle in France before he moved to Reunion, and was the national champion for the 102 kilo weight class (224 lbs). I told him I wrestled before my mission but I hadn't done it in 2 years so I am pretty out of shape. Then he said that he wanted to wrestle me. I told him I would love to wrestle with him but I probably couldn't put up a good fight because he lifts every day and is still in good shape but I would love to do it. His mom told him "No you cant wrestle with the missionary you will hurt him, if you do it you have to go easy on him so he can still teach the gospel." So on Monday morning we got up at 5 and went to the beach and there did a little wrestling match. I am happy to say I still have it. I took him down and pinned him pretty quick. Then he said okay, keep going. So I did it over and over. He was so surprised. It was pretty fun, I taught him a few things and then just practiced with him. He gained a lot of respect for the missionaries that day(and the United States). I feel like he might be getting baptized pretty soon. He still has not accepted a date but he is making great progress. Please pray for him, he is a great kid.

Well that's all the story I have this week, I hope I can continue to bless the people here and help them in all ways I can.

Love Elder Wolfgramm

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Nov 29 - St Denis

I have been transferred to St Denis to be with Elder Ricks. I think it will be a great change, I am going to be leaving Joele and a few other great investigators, that I love but I am excited for the challenge. I have come to love La Reunion almost as much as Madagascar in the time I have been here. Joele is doing great and is progressing great towards baptisms, I wish I had some great story this week but it was really just an average week, I am having tons of fun and loving life...

Elder Wolfgramm