Monday, February 27, 2017

Feb 27th - Transfers

Yes the week is over, and transfers have finished as well.  I am staying in Sabotsy Namehana but Elder Nokia has left, and I got Elder Sweeten, I am very happy with the way transfers ended up. I am excited to get a little change to the area, hopefully it will boost it and bring it to a whole new level. Elder sweeten seems really excited to build this area to the best area in Madagascar.

Well this week we had our stake conference and we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Palmer from the the seventy.  It was a great conference. We had Erik one of our investigators show up which was a surprise because it was really far away from where they live. Most of our members didn't show up. But it was great to have him show up. After the conference we visited him and his wife and they were talking about how they were going to start saving money to try to go to the temple in South Africa.  He is not even baptized yet but he has tremendous faith.  I am really excited to see him get baptized on the 11 of March.

We had another family Tino, who me and Nokia tracked into that have been progressing really well.  I am really excited to see if they except baptismal dates this week, they have been coming to church, but have some questions about baptism and still have not accepted the dates for their baptisms.

That is really all the Voavoa that I have for you guys this week.  Not a ton of time.  I feel like the time is getting shorter and shorter,  especially when the power is out most of the time.

Love you all, please keep the people of Madagascar in your prayers...they really need it.

Elder Wolfgramm

Feb 20th, 2017

Feb 21st, 2017 
Feb 21st, 2017

Feb 23rd, 2017

Feb 23rd, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

Feb 20th - Great Stuff

Well, really no time this week.

We had another great week and were able to find 3 families and 2 of them came to church on Sunday. We are really starting to build up our branch with investigators, it is way cool. I have been feeling extremely good this week and especially sensitive with a couple of our investigators, like Zaka and his family they have kind of lost their drive to learn and progress. They didn't come to church this week and have been lazy with the reading in the Book of Mormon. They are my focus this week I am going to get them back on track and hopefully get them feeling the great feelings again, also we have another family that has been struggling financially that Elder Nortje and I have been fasting for. There names are Hary and Hiary. But I have been really nervous about those two families, even more miracles this week. We had a family we had been teaching for a while that was not really progressing come to church this week to which was a huge surprise but there is no better one than that.

Really couldn't be happier that now here in Madagascar.

Elder Wolfgramm

Monday, February 13, 2017

Feb 13th - First Talk In Church And Two Baptsims

Well, so many things happened this past week in the best area in madagascar. First off we had some awesome investigators get baptized on Saturday, both named Miora, one of the husbands missed his baptism because he still has a problem with drinking, but will be getting baptized in 3 weeks, if he is ready. On Sunday Miora came up to me and said that she wanted me to give her the Holy Ghost in Sacrament meeting, and I still am not fully comfortable with all the words for that so I was pretty nervous.... so I did what had to be done...I went and told her that I didn't know how to do that but I will totally stand in the circle and will still give her the holy ghost but not say the blessing, she seemed ok with it, but was a little kivy. I will be studying that hard this week in language study. also a funny story, so before church we went to go and pick up zaka and his family to bring them to church and only 2 people could come with us, the rest had left and gone out of town. They were both 18 year old girls, we had to walk like 30 minutes with these two girls. It was way funny, we had Malagasies saying there the Vahsas go with there wives. Haha it was pretty funny, next time we will have a member go pick them up. Also I gave my first talk in church yesterday, which was way cool, definitely thankful for the gift of tongues, because it was way clear and a good job. I got a lot of complements, which was a great confidence boost. also used the same method used for my farewell talk. Nothing written down just off the spirit. I figured that the people need the gospel so Heavenly Father had to bless me this time... lucked out big time. Talked about repentance which was great because I was ale to talk to the investigators about it after the meeting.

We were able to teach this woman who is a new investigator named "soaholy" about the life after death because her brother died right before we got to her house, It was a great lesson and was exactly what she needed to hear. She told us after that she always had hoped that there was a life after death. I also have been teaching these kids that live by our house to read. There names are Miguelke and Vonje, Butthose are hard to Remberat first so I gave them the names "wyatt" and "Dawson" I love these 2 boys like brothers that is why I named them after the 2 brothers I love most. It has been a big eye opener to see just how blessed we are because we are able to read, something you don't think about all the time but that we are truly blessed to live in a place where everyone can read.

That is what I got for the week, thank you for the prayers.

Elder Wolfgramm