Monday, April 24, 2017

Apr 24th - The bigger they are the harder they fall

Well this week was one of the fastest weeks on mission, it really feels like I teach a few lessons and then I am here writing the email. Time goes by so fast on mission.

This week was really cool, we are teaching this kid who is about 26 years old who really wants to know the truth. He has a chalk board in his house that he has written reasons why the Book of Mormon testify of Christ, and the things that it specifically testifies. He also shared his experience before he moved to Tana when he literally got chased out of his town because he was a thief and a liar, they told him not to come back. He feels like he can't feel Gods love, but when he reads the Book of Mormon he feels something special that he has never felt, I shared my testimony with him about how there is a time in everyone's life where they struggle to feel Gods love or if there is even a God, and what I did to get through it. It was great to help build his testimony.

Also this week we found the COOLEST family of my mission so far and had the best first lesson of my mission so far. Next week I will take time to give you all the update on them they are Fitiavina and Jerry, please pray for them, Time is short today like always have a great week and keep your faith in God, Jesus, the Book of Mormon, the living prophet, or even the words of you friends or family. Don't lose faith. Help will come, it always does.

Have a great week.

Elder Wolfgramm

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Apr 18th - Great Week

This was a really good week, me and elder Blatter are working really well together as well. The new area is way cool with lots of cool investigators, also it is an actual ward, which is way cool because the investigators have a way strong foundation,
missionary work is going to go great in this area. I am really excited to see what kind of things I can do in this area. This week we had a great lesson with a guy who has made a lot of bad choices throughout his life and he is at a really hard point in life. He is about 60 years old, he has 2 wives countless children all over Madagascar, he is now reaping what he has sowed. Almost all of his children hate him, he betrayed his wives and children with a life of lies, and it has all recently come up to everyone's knowledge. The wife he is currently with is trying to forgive him but is really struggling, he is really trying to repent and receive the blessings from Christ, and His atonement. He has been coming to church, and says he has been praying to God for forgiveness, it is really hard because he wants to be happy but all of his bad choices have caught up to him and justice is now claiming what is owed.  While we were in a lesson with him, we were able to help him realize that it is going to be really hard, and that forgiveness is not easy nor quick, and that it will probably take a while to repent but it is totally possible because the atonement has no boundaries. He has realized that the choices he made previously in his life were absolutely terrible, but he has also taken a step closer to Christ, which is amazing. He is not ready to make a covenant with God at this point in his life but is making steps little by little towards Christ. I look forward again next week to help him come a little bit closer again to Christ.

I know that we can never be too far away from God. I see it everyday. I know that Christs love and atonement is infinite. I love this work and I love my Savior.

Elder Wolfgramm

Monday, April 10, 2017

Apr 10th - Nosy Malalako

Well this week was transfers and I am being transferred, which is way sad because I will miss a lot of the people I have taught baptisms, but I am close so hopefully we can fit it in the program to stop by and watch them go into the waters of baptism. I am being transferred over to Analamihitsy which I am way excited for because I will be working with Elder Blatter who is one of my best friends in this mission. I will not be leaving houses but just moving rooms. I am really excited for the new area even though way sad to leave the area I love. It should be quite the adventure with Elder Blatter.
This week was bitter sweet because I had to say goodbye to all the wonderful people of Sabotsy, but it was beautiful to see the reaction of them because I could see that I actually touched the hearts of so many wonderful people. We also this week taught Remi the Word of Wisdom. He was torn apart that he could not smoke any more but more than ready for the challenge. We also have two people named Eliza and Hennitsoa who are preparing for their baptisms this Saturday. I am really excited to see it because like Nicole I have seen a dramatic change in their hearts from the first time that we taught them. I remember the first time me and Nokia(Nortje) taught Hennitsoa how reluctant he was, and now how ready he is for baptism. My favorite part of my mission so far has not been the beach, or the cool animals, or the funny drunks, definitely not the rain, or the sickness, but it has been the change I have seen in people. When you tract into someone with so many questions and only you have the answers, and to see their progression towards baptism, that has definitely been my favorite part.

I love this work and I love this place.

love Elder Wolfgramm

Monday, April 3, 2017

Apr 3rd - Tsara Be Fa Misoatra

Great week here in Madagascar.

First off today on p-day we played the national basketball team and beat them. Who would have thought a bunch of white kids could smoke the best Malagasy's in Madagascar at basketball and yes they where actually taller than us, really it was way fun, they invited us to play with them on Friday and Wednesday. Haha I thought it would be good to let you know I still am balling out.

Other than smoking Malagasy's at basketball we where also having a great week bringing people to the church. We had a lot of time to tract this week and we found a bunch of really cool Malagasys we will see how they progress, one of the families we taught were from Mahajunga which is a much different dialect so it was way fun talking to them and learning new words from a new dialect. We also got one investigator named Eliza who we taught on Wednesday and bore a powerful testimony at church about the truthfulness of our message.  It was beautiful to hear how much it has touched her heart, I think it also touched the hearts of all our other investigators that were there. We had another investigator named Remi who continues to bring joy to my heart. This week I was a little sick, while we were teaching him, he could see that I was sick, and so mid way through the lesson he offered me his weed. Yes his marajuana...and he said it will make me healthy again. I know you think that might be bad but it really touched my heart and made me laugh really hard. Remi lives in a little house by himself all he has is a bed frame not even a mattresses and he offered me what he loves most to help me..... this week we will teach him the word of wisdom and hopefully we can break that habit. That is the little update.

Love it hear and all the people and still happier than ever.

Elder Wolfgramm

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