Monday, March 20, 2017

Mar 20th - Zavatra Tsara

Another great week. I wish I had more time to write all the things that happened this week, next week I really will set time aside to write a better letter.

This week I went on a few splits with two missionaries a lot younger than me. One is on his second transfer and it made me remember how much you really don't know when in training, It was way fun to see all the progress that I have made with the language and missionary work. This week we got Nicole to pass her baptismal interview so she will be getting baptized this next week. We had been also preparing a Family named Haja and his wife for baptism with Nicole. They had learned everything and could pass the baptismal interview but Elder Sweeten and I both felt like they weren't quite ready for baptism. So we didn't give them a real interview which was a good thing because when we did the baptismal interview he still had a little problem with smoking. It was really cool to see how Heavenly Father let us know who was ready and who was not. We will be now preparing them for April 11. hopefully they can catch that baptismal date. Please pray for them and for all the people here in Madagascar they need it.

Still love it here, it really is the coolest mission in the world. I know it

Elder wolfgramm

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