Monday, December 5, 2016

Dec 5th - No longer a kid

Well this week sums up my last 12 weeks in Madagascar. I have finished training, and Elder Lingani will be leaving Tamatave. I will be getting a new companion named Elder Tainter, I am way stoked because I will be able to learn so much from him and hopefully we can both be uplifted in the process.

This week was overall a good week, we had great lessons with awesome investigators, we had prepared 3 people for baptism and they all showed up ready for their baptisms. I messed up one of the people’s names like 3 times during the baptism, it was pretty funny. We baptized Douphin, Maramoza, and "Befotsy DeDoannie Bernard Roland." I think you know which one I had trouble with remembering. We did the conformation on Sunday. We got up Sunday morning and it was raining hard, we went to church, got their soaking wet and there was no one there besides the security guard and the branch president. Church usually starts at 8 and we have anywhere from 100-140 people at church. At 8 when church started there were 15 people. The people who were supposed to get the Holy Ghost weren’t there either. They showed up at about 8:20 as well as about 5 other investigators. It rained hard all day. Allot of flooding here in Madagascar that day. The total church attendance was 53 that day.

Besides the baptisms, this week we found a ton of families that were PLACED into our hands. Great families that understood the message, and accepted to be baptized on the first lesson. They didn’t come to church but I can’t blame them, most members didn’t come.

All is good here in Madagascar it is still hot, the people are still hard to understand, but I love every minute of it and there is no place I would rather be.

Elder Wolfgramm

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