Monday, February 6, 2017

Feb 6th - Mizaka Zaka

This week, we had another fantastic week. We were able to talk to so many cool families and just bring happiness to the people. There is one family which is huge like 30 people who live in this property that we have been teaching, only like 6 of them are serious but one of the kids names is Zaka. He is like 25 years old and way cool, seriously investigating the church. But their family thinks that we are like wizards and good luck because every time we go over to their house it rains. I told them that we bring the rain with us everywhere we go and like half of them believe it. Even when I told them I was kidding they still told me "No, you do bring the rain", they told us they want us to come like 4 times a week. haha I am realizing that I cant make jokes like that with these people because they believe everything the white guy says. Any ways had a great lesson with Zaka and his family they had a ton of questions about the Plan of Salvation which is good, but we told them at the next lesson we will answer all their questions about that but that they needed to know about the Book of Mormon first. Way cool family. 

Sorry not a lot of time today but it was a good week.We also were able to watch the mission conference which changes a lot of things dealing with the schedule.

All in all still healthy and happier than ever, love it here as always.

Elder Wolfgramm

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