Monday, February 20, 2017

Feb 20th - Great Stuff

Well, really no time this week.

We had another great week and were able to find 3 families and 2 of them came to church on Sunday. We are really starting to build up our branch with investigators, it is way cool. I have been feeling extremely good this week and especially sensitive with a couple of our investigators, like Zaka and his family they have kind of lost their drive to learn and progress. They didn't come to church this week and have been lazy with the reading in the Book of Mormon. They are my focus this week I am going to get them back on track and hopefully get them feeling the great feelings again, also we have another family that has been struggling financially that Elder Nortje and I have been fasting for. There names are Hary and Hiary. But I have been really nervous about those two families, even more miracles this week. We had a family we had been teaching for a while that was not really progressing come to church this week to which was a huge surprise but there is no better one than that.

Really couldn't be happier that now here in Madagascar.

Elder Wolfgramm

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