Monday, April 24, 2017

Apr 24th - The bigger they are the harder they fall

Well this week was one of the fastest weeks on mission, it really feels like I teach a few lessons and then I am here writing the email. Time goes by so fast on mission.

This week was really cool, we are teaching this kid who is about 26 years old who really wants to know the truth. He has a chalk board in his house that he has written reasons why the Book of Mormon testify of Christ, and the things that it specifically testifies. He also shared his experience before he moved to Tana when he literally got chased out of his town because he was a thief and a liar, they told him not to come back. He feels like he can't feel Gods love, but when he reads the Book of Mormon he feels something special that he has never felt, I shared my testimony with him about how there is a time in everyone's life where they struggle to feel Gods love or if there is even a God, and what I did to get through it. It was great to help build his testimony.

Also this week we found the COOLEST family of my mission so far and had the best first lesson of my mission so far. Next week I will take time to give you all the update on them they are Fitiavina and Jerry, please pray for them, Time is short today like always have a great week and keep your faith in God, Jesus, the Book of Mormon, the living prophet, or even the words of you friends or family. Don't lose faith. Help will come, it always does.

Have a great week.

Elder Wolfgramm

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