Monday, April 10, 2017

Apr 10th - Nosy Malalako

Well this week was transfers and I am being transferred, which is way sad because I will miss a lot of the people I have taught baptisms, but I am close so hopefully we can fit it in the program to stop by and watch them go into the waters of baptism. I am being transferred over to Analamihitsy which I am way excited for because I will be working with Elder Blatter who is one of my best friends in this mission. I will not be leaving houses but just moving rooms. I am really excited for the new area even though way sad to leave the area I love. It should be quite the adventure with Elder Blatter.
This week was bitter sweet because I had to say goodbye to all the wonderful people of Sabotsy, but it was beautiful to see the reaction of them because I could see that I actually touched the hearts of so many wonderful people. We also this week taught Remi the Word of Wisdom. He was torn apart that he could not smoke any more but more than ready for the challenge. We also have two people named Eliza and Hennitsoa who are preparing for their baptisms this Saturday. I am really excited to see it because like Nicole I have seen a dramatic change in their hearts from the first time that we taught them. I remember the first time me and Nokia(Nortje) taught Hennitsoa how reluctant he was, and now how ready he is for baptism. My favorite part of my mission so far has not been the beach, or the cool animals, or the funny drunks, definitely not the rain, or the sickness, but it has been the change I have seen in people. When you tract into someone with so many questions and only you have the answers, and to see their progression towards baptism, that has definitely been my favorite part.

I love this work and I love this place.

love Elder Wolfgramm

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