Monday, April 3, 2017

Apr 3rd - Tsara Be Fa Misoatra

Great week here in Madagascar.

First off today on p-day we played the national basketball team and beat them. Who would have thought a bunch of white kids could smoke the best Malagasy's in Madagascar at basketball and yes they where actually taller than us, really it was way fun, they invited us to play with them on Friday and Wednesday. Haha I thought it would be good to let you know I still am balling out.

Other than smoking Malagasy's at basketball we where also having a great week bringing people to the church. We had a lot of time to tract this week and we found a bunch of really cool Malagasys we will see how they progress, one of the families we taught were from Mahajunga which is a much different dialect so it was way fun talking to them and learning new words from a new dialect. We also got one investigator named Eliza who we taught on Wednesday and bore a powerful testimony at church about the truthfulness of our message.  It was beautiful to hear how much it has touched her heart, I think it also touched the hearts of all our other investigators that were there. We had another investigator named Remi who continues to bring joy to my heart. This week I was a little sick, while we were teaching him, he could see that I was sick, and so mid way through the lesson he offered me his weed. Yes his marajuana...and he said it will make me healthy again. I know you think that might be bad but it really touched my heart and made me laugh really hard. Remi lives in a little house by himself all he has is a bed frame not even a mattresses and he offered me what he loves most to help me..... this week we will teach him the word of wisdom and hopefully we can break that habit. That is the little update.

Love it hear and all the people and still happier than ever.

Elder Wolfgramm

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