Monday, October 10, 2016

Oct 10th - Q&A

QUESTION: How is Natalie doing? Still getting ready to be baptized? 
  • ANSWER: Natalie is doing great and is still planning in being baptized,
QUESTION: What about Mammi? Were you able to teach him the word of wisdom? It sounds like drinking might be a big challenge to getting people baptized. 
  • ANSWER: Mammi has stopped drinking and is coming to church sober,
QUESTION: How is Angelo doing? Did you find Angelo or was he meeting with the missionaries before you got there?
  • ANSWER: This week we found out Angelo has to leave and go to Anstirabay because of work so we gave him to the missionaries there and he will be baptized soon, we didn't find Angelo he had been learning from missionaries for a while.
QUESTION: What is a normal day for you now?
  • ANSWER: The average day is get up at 6:30 work out until 7 at seven eat breakfast which consist of fresh fruit and oatmeal. Study from 8 until 11 go to lunch and then go out and go to work until about 8:30 at night when we come home and cook dinner plan and write in my journal.
QUESTION: What kind of things do you do on P-Day?
  • ANSWER: On P-Day we meet with the other Elders in our zone and go do something fun.
QUESTION: How do you find investigators? Member referrals or street contacts?
  • ANSWER: Most of the people we find is through tracking with some through member referrals.
QUESTION: Anyone you have found that you are working with?
  • ANSWER: There are about 10 progressing investigators that I have found. Four with baptismal dates.

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