Monday, January 30, 2017

Jan 29th - Natalie came to church

Well this week was a great week. We had interviews with president this week which was way cool to talk to him about life and the people and missionary work. I love president foote he is really like an apostle. All the things he says are just what needs to be said, he works 120% with the spirit. we also were supposed to have the world wide missionary broadcast this week, but the power was out most of the week so we never were able to watch it, but I am
excited to see what the brethren have to say about missionary work this week.

We also had one of our awesome investigators come to church, Natalie is her name, she is so cool. She brought her son to church with her, but her husband never came. We are going to have to fix that. Also this week we had a homeless man come into church on sunday, and I told him to come sit by me.

He started speaking in french and pulled basically everything out of his pockets, took his hat off, and put it all in his hat. He put cigarettes, weed, 1000 ari ari which is like 25 cents, a spoon, a half burned stick and matches, with other assorted good that A homeless person would have. Then he gave the hat to me and said it was for the church. I told him we don't take money at our church, but he is crazy and started speaking french and making a ruckus, so I calmed him down and told him it was ok and I snuck the hat back into his bag with out him seeing, (but I grabbed the cigarettes and the weed). Then he took his socks and shoes off and got dirt all over the floor I told him that at church we sit good, and we listen. he immediately went into a prayer pose and was silent. After a minute he went through his bag and pulled out the hat and placed it next to me and then pulled out a bible with a picture of joseph smith in it and was saying stuff in french about it. Then he showed me his old photo of when he was in the military, I couldn't believe it was him. He also had to big papers of awards and medals for acts of service in the military. I had some questions for him but every question I asked he would say the same thing in french and then he gave me the hat with the stuff and said this is for the church got up and ran out. I was so confused. I am hoping that I
will be able to see him again maybe he will come back next week.

That is basically it for the week. I am doing well and loving Madagascar.

I hope everyone is safe and enjoying the snow, I am hanging out in
beautiful weather, with no power.

Elder Wolfgramm

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