Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1st - Mangatsika (cold)

This week was a great week, but it actually got cold. it has been super weird to see that the weather here actually gets cold.  I have actually need to wear a sweater at night. I didn't remember what it was like to be cold and I love it.

Although the weather is cold the missionary work is getting hotter. This week we went on another split with the AP's so me and Elder Lehnart just tracked all day. we found some really cool people that should be able to progress really well. We found a family that had been taught by missionaries in the past but the missionaries got pulled out of the area and so they stopped going to church and stopped learning, so when the missionaries got put back in the area the family was lost.  It was pretty cool to be able to find them again, they remembered Joseph Smith and told us that it all makes sense.  They are Catholics right now but they said there is so much in their church that just doesn't make any sense, and they are not convinced that the Catholic church can bring them salvation.

We also taught Tolitra the guy with the chalkboard who is really interested, we taught him the Plan of Salvation and how we all have the opportunity to return to God, it was a great lesson full of hope. They all have had problems in the past and through the Plan of Salvation they now have a reassured hope that they can truly repent and live with God forever, it is one of the coolest things, to see their face light up with faith and hope knowing that they can make it back to God. Way Cool.

I love this work, here in the best mission in the world, in the best country in the world. Even though it feels like groundhog day and I do the same thing everyday there is nothing I would rather do

Elder Wolfgramm

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