Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22nd - The Weekly Email

Well again it seems like another week went by without noticing it. This week was filled with ups and downs, to start off, if you remember Jerry and Fitiavina the great family that me and Elder Blatter tracked into, they dropped us. It was sad to see a family with so much potential to turn away from the gospel. They told us that they had heard enough of our message and they have the Book of Mormon so we don't need to come back and teach them. We couldn't get them to let us to come back but I think in a few months we will go back and check on them. That's the bad news for the week.

The great news from the week is that we got Roberson to come to church this week, he is now getting serious for his baptism that is coming up in July. We had Marshell, one of our recent converts, go and pick him up yesterday and bring him to church. He said he had a great time and stayed the whole time. We will also be taking Marshell with us when we go teach him on Wednesday I think they are going to be great friends. Also I got a new companion his name is Elder Kruger, he is awesome and a way hard worker. Before when he lived in South Africa he was a professional rugby player, he is 22 years old and huge. (6' 5" 240 lbs) Really he is way bigger than me. if I am wolf-gramm he is wolf-ton he makes me feel small. haha It is funny to try and tract I am pretty sure the people aren't letting us in because they are absolutely scared. They really have never seen people this big, it is way fun. I am looking forward to this transfer with Elder Kruger it will be great.

Please keep the people here of Madagascar in your prayers and please keep Elder Kruger in your prayers, thanks for all the love.

Elder Wolfgramm 

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