Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8th - The week

This week was great, it went way fast.
Story about a family:
When we tracked in to them, we taught them the Plan of Salvation. There was no reason behind it, we even had first pamphlets with us, but we taught them the Plan of Salvation.  After we started to teach them the Plan of Salvation, I thought it was kind of weird but we taught them the whole Plan of Salvation.  On the last lesson after we had finished the Plan, the father Arivo told us he was going to Tamatave for a week.  He would be back on the first of May and told us to give him a call on the first. We didn't call him but visited him on the 3rd, and found out when we walked into his house he was dead laying on the table they were having a viewing for him. He had come home and then had a heart attack and died suddenly. We talked to the wife and she was so confused but said that she couldn't talk to us right then but wanted us to come back next Tuesday because she has something she wanted to say. It was pretty cool to be directed by the spirit like that and we are just looking forward to this Tuesday to talk to the family.

It was sad, but way cool too, he was taught about the world he was going into, right before he died.

I know that there are no coincidences in this world. Everything happens for a reason. I know that God is in charge of all things and He is all loving.

Be safe this week and pray.
Elder Wolfgramm

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