Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29th - No Title

Um this week was a fantastic week for our investigators. I have never been more impressed with an investigator quite like I have been with Zackatina. I don't know if I have talked about Zackatina before but he is an investigator that me and Elder Blattter found. He has been coming to church consistently for the past 4 weeks and has never missed an appointment with us, he is 19 years old and could "according to every other 19 year old " be doing better things with his time. We have actually brought him to other investigators by his house and he has born incredible testimony to them about the Book of Mormon and our teaching. He is one of the few elect. He lives about 9 hours north from Antananarivo but has been living with his brother here in Tana. He has to return to Tamatave for 3 weeks but will be moving down here permanently for work and school. When he returns he should get baptized. 

This week he caught me off guard when I asked him "how do you think we can, in our lives, make God our strength and salvation?" he paused then looked at the ground for a moment and then said, "I try to trust and not be afraid, when we read in verse 4 of 2 Nephi we see it says praise God. I think that might be the way. Elder Wolfgramm is that the way I can have God be my strength?" I was completely caught off guard and touched by the spirit. I felt the Lords love for this 19 year old who is trying to do what is right, who is trying to be happy and gain salvation. Moments like that are what make the mission the greatest thing in the world and when you read this I promise you can't understand the feelings or moment. I love the mission and moments like that just Feel so good. Really you can't stop smiling after moments like that, never felt so much joy and it is just moments like that over and over and over and over again. When I say I am happier now than I ever have been I mean it.

Please enjoy your week. Look for God in them and be of good cheer. I know I will.

Elder Wolfgramm

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