Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jun 19 - Nivo got Dunked

Well this week was fantastic, we were able to bring Nivo to the waters of baptism and it was wonderful. So Nivo was an investigator that me and Elder Blatter found. She is way awesome and I have seen real growth in her, she knows a "whole butt load of crap about the gospel", really thought, she is way smart and actually studies everything that we give her. I can say with full confidence that she understands the gospel much better than I did when I got baptized.

After the baptism we showed up to church and of course I got put on the spot and she said that she wanted me to give her the Holy Ghost, and I thought about doing what I did last time and just push it off on a member so I didn't have to do it, but luckily I had done my language study so I said heck yes, "riaso ny fanahy masina". (Receive the Holy Ghost) I killed it! It was actually way cool. After she came up to me and said that she was pretty nervous but when I said receive the Holy Ghost she felt peace and knew all was good. I was probably 10 times more nervous than she was, I think she was trying to make me feel not so bad because a blind man could see how nervous I was. It was a way cool experience. I can't wait to see all the growth that she makes now as a recent convert. That was pretty much the highlight of the week.

I am way sorry that my weekly emails are starting to "stink" but I am just too "focused on the work" I guess, or just getting kind of lazy of throwing in a bunch of details and cool stories. but the last thing I will say is this mission is by far the best thing I have ever done, I have never had so much satisfaction in my life.  It is hard to explain but I love it.
ok peace out,
Elder Wolfgramm

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