Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jun 6th - Ambany Voatra

Well this week was way cool, the highlight of the week was on Sunday when Hector a new investigator came to church. Elder Kruger and I had tracked into Hector almost by "accident".  Elder Kruger and I had about 30 minuets in our program and we didn't have anyone to go to. I remembered that there was a family that lived kind of by where we were. so we went looking for the house. We came to the place that I remembered the house being and there was a guy about 26 years old sitting outside with a girl, and I started to talk to them and kind of messing around with him. He said laughing "I am very surprised that you are good at Malagasy," and then said "Why do you know this language?" he was totally stumped on why two "Vahaza"(White guys) know Malagasy. We talked to him for a little bit and then told him we actually have something very important for him that was going to change his life. He let us teach him there in front of the house. his girl friend had gotten up and left mid way through the lesson but Hector had stayed focused. At the end we invited him to church and he said yeah he would come. When Sunday came around he wasn't there. Right before the sacrament he walked in wearing a nice blue shirt and came and sat in between me and Kruger. then after we went to the investigator class. And then to priesthood it was great, he had learned a lot, answered questions from the teacher and paid attention. At the end of church he said I have loved church and had a great time but I have one question, what the heck is "F sy F". that is the Doctrine and Covenants in Malagasy. I gave a brief explanation and said not to worry too much about stuff like that because all will become clear with time and he has a lot more teaching coming to him and a ton to learn. He got really excited. It was way cool.

The work is hot but the weather is cold. I love this place and the people!  Have a great week, and read the Book of Mormon.

Elder Wolfgramm

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