Friday, July 14, 2017

Jul 10 th - New Investigators

Well this week Elder Kruger and I had a lot of time to tract and find new investigators, it is always sad when you have to drop some people that are not quite ready to follow Christ, but it gives you a great opportunity to find those people who are going to come unto Christ. And that's exactly what happened. We went tracting on Tuesday and found a great family that came to church last Sunday, it was great, we are also progressing with a couple other families that were found this past week. Nivo is still doing great, she is loving what the gospel is giving her. And she loves what she is learning through the reading of the Book of Mormon. LAZA is still being a bum and won't come to church every week. But we still have hope with him, he will definitely progress I know it.

That's pretty much what is happening here in the best place in izao tontolo izao. (the world) Please keep reading the BOOK OF MORMON and if you are not reading it you should; you will come to know Christ more than you could ever imagine. Love this work and this place!

Elder Wolfgramm

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