Sunday, July 30, 2017

July 30 - Mifoka Miafina

Ok where to start?

This week was really good, we had a baptism last Saturday and it went great. We also had Wilder the kid from english come back to church which surprised me a ton. After church we taught him the restoration, teaching him the importance of prophets and how Gods church that was established during the time of Jesus Christ was still on the earth today. He told us a story about his family and how his grandfather does not believe in God, he lives in the countryside and does not let anyone in his family pray to God and does not let any churches come into the village that he is the chief of.  Wilder also told us that he has decided to come back to God and he wants to take this church, the true church to his family. He felt the spirit as we described the story of Joseph Smith and said this is what I have been searching for. He told us he wants to come to church every week and he gave us a list of questions that he has been writing, about his life, about God and life, prophets and spiritual things. He really has been waiting for the gospel his whole life, it was way cool to be able to answer every one of his questions and give him hope and joy in this life. That was definitely the highlight from the week.

I also took some time to reflect this past week on everything I have learned this past year. It is really crazy to think that in one year time my mission will be done. At this point I really don't think I would be comfortable back at home. I miss you all very much but I love this place a ton too. I am so grateful for all that I have learned this past year. easily the most growth I have had my whole life. I can't wait for another year to be just like it. I love my mission.

Elder Wolfgramm

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