Monday, July 24, 2017

Jul 24th - Vao Vao (That is just)

Well this week was quite a good week.

Elder Kruger and I had a lot of time to focus on some of our investigators really getting them prepared for baptism, we are hoping to have 5 of our in investigators catch their baptismal date on the 5th of August, we will see what will happen. We are also starting to work with some of our less actives. We have been getting dogged by one of our less actives but we final caught her, and this week we are going to be able to teach her again and get her to commit to coming back to church this next Sunday.  I have got a lot of faith that she will be coming back, I know that she has felt the spirit last time we where with her. We also found another less active/part member family this week that me and Kruger are excited for. We went to a return appointment and the guy that we were going to teach just so happened to not be there, but his neighbor came out and told us to come into his house and sit down. So we did, and we learned he is a less active of 2 years, he never gave us a good reason for being less active.  We got him to commit to come to church on Sunday but he never came, we think there is a little bit more to the reason he has decided to not come to church any more, it will be exciting to work with him and see what comes from it. All in all life is going great here on the big island. Loving the work and the people.

Be safe and have fun. Trust in God and look for all the blessings there are in your life.

ILAY (THE) Elder Wolfgramm
FYI Its Walker's birthday on August 5th.

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