Monday, July 3, 2017

Jul 3rd - New Transfer News

This week was a great week filled with new transfers, Zone Conference, and crazy bandys who get crossed up in basketball.
Well first off we got new transfer news it turns out that Elder Kruger will be staying with me for another transfer. I know that the ariari (Malagasy money) doesn't have as much worth as the dollar but with enough of them, you can get what you want. :-) We were both way happy to be staying together for another 6 weeks and are excited to see what we can do with this area.
We had Zone Conference this week and it was wonderful, always after Zone Conference you leave feeling like you are going to baptize the whole country and me and Elder Kruger are really going to try this transfer to get that done. I love listening to President Foote.  He is such a spiritual giant, he really has so much wisdom and when he speaks you can't deny that he is running the mission exactly how God wants him to. In Zone Conference we learned about how to have better retention and what we can do personally to accomplish goals that the mission has.

Ok about the bandy's. Bandy is the word in Malagasy to say gangster or a punk. But we teach a bandy named Laza who comes to church. If he stays active in attending church he will get baptized. He is way funny and super cool. We have been teaching him and his family, they all are progressing. They are now at the point where they can chose to accept the gospel and let it change their lives forever or reject it and let there lives continue the way it is going.

This gospel is good and God is in charge.  Be safe this week, and have tons of fun.

Elder Wolfgramm

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