Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jul 17th - Fatokiana (Confidence)

Well this week was way great, but yes very hard. We defiantly had to trust in God a lot this week. Yeah well I am not going to tell you about all the hard things that happened this week because I don't want to get to into it. But know that most trials and problems have been solved and taken care of. 
The highlights of the week are we had 2 brand new investigators come to church this week. We are really starting to build a pretty good investigator pool. They are all becoming diligent and are willing to learn. Their names are Welder and Luke. These two guys we found at English a few weeks ago and had invited them to come to church, we had taught them a small lesson about the restoration but they didn't have any time really to learn. Last Saturday they came again to English and again taught them and they told us that they would love to come see the church. And they came believe it or not! I had to give a talk so I couldn't sit with them but Elder Kruger did and they had a ton of questions. I tried to explain everything while I was giving my talk, I changed it up while I was on the stand so I could kind of answer all their questions. After sacrament we went to class and they had more great questions. 
Then we went to priesthood... and this country is still really new with the church, so they do some really weird things. In priesthood they where doing a lesson on ordinances, and they just so happened to be doing "blessing and anointing of the sick and the afflicted", and it was way bad. They just sat arguing about how it is supposed to be done, then they called this guy out and had him go up in front while about 4 different people showed 4 different ways to anoint and seal. It was actually pretty funny but we were worried that our investigators who don't really know much would get confused, so Elder Kruger and I cleared it all up.  And now we all know how to do the blessing of the sick and afflicted. Luke had a ton of questions about that. It will be funny to see what our next lesson is like. They are very interested.

I hope everyone is doing well, be safe and make wise choices!

Elder Wolfgramm

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